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It is reported that all Vietnamese people living overseas in the United States have been subject to undue hardship from the consulates when they needed to renew their passports, apply for visas to Vietnam, and other legal matters. “The officials at the consulate were always rude to me and seemed unnecessarily adversarial,” said Hang Do, an exchange student at the University of Texas at Arlington. “Despite the long hard trip to Houston to renew my passport, I was baffled at how unhelpful and uncivil they acted even though I went through all legally required steps, until one explicitly asked me for bribery money to ‘speed things up’. Then it dawned on me what’s this was about. I had to give another hundred dollars on top of the posted fee to make the ordeal go away.”

As we researched and investigated more, Ms. Do was just one in the numerous victims of the tyrannical cruelty from the Vietnamese consular staff around America. It turned out this was a known problem and many Vietnamese nationals and Vietnamese Americans just gave up and paid extra money to get things done. It should be noted that bribery to foreign officials is illegal under both American and Vietnamese laws.

Then came Viet Embassy at to the rescue.

Founded with the promise of convenient, assured, and transparent legal processes, Viet Embassy has delivered lawful papers to thousands of Vietnamese throughout America. Applicants can now apply for consular procedures online easily from home. Not only were all fees transparently posted, but Viet Embassy’s system also follows the applicant and sends timely updates as well as shipment tracking every step of the way. They are so sure of their processes that the website displays an unmistakable 100% refund for any failed application. Needless to say, their clients were overjoyed.

“I went to the consulate to renew a passport and faced a lot of troubles. My application was pushed back and forth repeatedly with no clear reason,” Quyen Do exclaimed. “After 4 months of failure, I applied with Viet Embassy and received my passport at home after 1 week!”

The reason is this possible is thanks to years of research, development, and testing from Viet Embassy’s team of legal experts and technology specialists. They innovated and optimized every aspect of the legal process, making a consular application that used to take months now only take days to complete and have the paper quickly delivered at your doorstep.

“It’s like Amazon but for legal processes,” said Adam Nguyen, Consular Service Manager at the Viet Embassy Project, whom we obtained a chance to speak with. “We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished for fellow Vietnamese people. The world is changing and so are we. I think we’re the first project in the world that enabled online consular and legal processes utilizing the full use of modern technology. It’s digital government combined with enterprise innovation.”

Viet Embassy is now the only place that lets Vietnamese people in America sign up for passports, visas, birth certificates, and other lawful papers conveniently. Plus, you no longer have to physically go to the consulate or send any papers via unreliable mail because the application is totally digital. Everything is online at

Vietnam Embassy’s values lie in:

  • Convenient online application that takes minutes to complete
  • Rapid turnaround time that delivers your papers at your door within days instead of months
  • Guaranteed result with 100% refund policy for any failed application
  • Absolute transparency from beginning to end, with live application status and tracking of shipping of important papers

Viet Embassy aims to further expand regions to serve more clients and broaden scope of services to provide more opportunities to people to conduct legal proceedings online.

About Viet Embassy

Established by a team of legal and technology experts, Viet Embassy is dedicated to providing the best service to the Vietnamese people in all legal, consular, and governmental matters. The project has helped thousands of happy applicants renew their passports, sign up for visas to Vietnam, register birth certificates and secure Vietnamese citizenship for their children, obtain notarized certified translations, and more. Their website is at

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